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FAQs Catalytic Converters (CAT)

How often will a CAT need replacing?
Because of extreme thermal and mechanical stress, it incurs and monoliths fracturing. Your CAT will need replacing at least once during the lifetime of your car.

How do I know if my car has a CAT?
As a general rule, all cars manufactured since 1993 will have a CAT. The CAT can be found at the “hat end” of the exhaust system – but sometimes can be confused with a small silencer box. If you have any doubt, a lambda sensor usually means the presence of a CAT – or check the VIN number.

Do short journeys have any effect on my CAT?
CATs have to reach a “light-off” temperature to work properly in cold conditions. This can take up to and above 3 minutes. This is one of the main reasons the CAT is fitted at the “hot end” of the exhaust.

What servicing will a CAT require?
During the fitting period on the car, the CAT does not require servicing. The elements of the emission control system sometimes cause the damage to a CAT and usually mean the CAT needs replacing. For this reason, your car should be serviced at regular intervals.

I have a diesel car – does it need to have a CAT fitted?
Some diesel cars are already fitted with a CAT. Following 1997 legislation, a lot of diesel cars are required to have CATS fitted.

Does the CAT affect my car’s performance?
No – today’s cars are designed to run with a CAT fitted.

What about fuel or oil additives – can I use these?
It is advised that you DO NOT use these UNLESS the fuel or oil additive clearly states it is “CAT Compatible”.

When travelling at speed, my CAT sometimes smells of rotten eggs – Why?
Sometimes, minute particles of sulphur found in the petrol can transform into hydrogen sulphide on the catalyst – generally only occurring when there is a quick change of engine speed. This should change with age

10 Problems Associated With a Worn Exhaust System

  1. Dangerous gases can leak into the passenger cabin
  2. Increased noise pollution
  3. Leaks can emit harmful gases into the environment
  4. Broken exhausts on the road can be hazardous to others
  5. Reduced engine power and loss of performance
  6. Catalytic converters (cats) can overheat if the car is not serviced regularly
  7. Driving with an almost empty fuel tank can damage the cat
  8. Bump starting can cause unburnt fuel to contaminate the cat
  9. Filling up with leaded petrol will destroy the cat
  10. A worn exhaust is not only a nuisance but also illegal!



 (a) Provided a written request is made detailing the goods involved, the Company will accept the return of all goods other than discontinued or superseded lines or special order parts delivered within the twelve months prior to the written request up to a maximum of 2.5% of the value of the previous twelve months net purchases in any twelve- month period and will refund the cost thereof less 20% in respect of a handling charge.
(b)  No goods will be accepted by the Company unless fourteen days written notice in accordance with the foregoing is given to the Company and any decision by the Company as to what constitutes discontinued or superseded lines or special order parts shall be final and binding.

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